Who are the photographers?  We are Jamie and Angela McGrattan, a husband and wife team that has been working together since 2007.

How do I pronounce POZ?  Like pose, not paws.

How many weddings have you done?  We have had the pleasure of being the hired photographer at over 60 weddings.  Before we had kids we’d do 12-15/year but now we try and keep it to about 2 or 3.

Why so few?  Jamie has a full-time job, Angie is a regular pioneer, we’ve got 2 beautiful girls that deserve every second we can give them, on top of a (money-pit) house and all our christian responsibilities.  Life is busy!

Do you only book Jehovah’s Witness weddings?  For the most part, yes.  After the kiddies came along we knew we had to make a decision on downsizing the business.  We could shut down the business and sell off most of the equipment or we could keep the equipment and offer our services at a discounted rate to help out young brothers and sisters.  We chose the latter and have been enjoying it ever since.

Will you show up at 9am to the Hair Salon?  Will you stay until 11PM at the reception?  As much as we’d love to spend the whole day with you, the only way this works for us is if we start an hour before the ceremony and finish when you get to the reception.